Dunstan Baby Language taught my parents to help me to go…

from this to thisdiscover how

Dunstan Baby Language (DBL) is a communication tool – helping parents to learn what the newborn needs, when he cries.

Most parents start off by guesswork…

Yellow speech bubble with a white question mark
He’s hungry. Hmm, but he’s not feeding…
Yellow speech bubble with a white question mark
He must have wind. Hmm he’s not bringing up a burp.
Yellow speech bubble with a white question mark
Ahh he must have a wet nappy. Hmm he’s dry.

BUT what if all along he was telling you he was tired? Now he’s extra tired – because it took a while for you to guess that one.

Crying is Communication

Do you know what this baby is telling you?

A baby makes a pre-cry sound before they erupt in to full on crying. It’s this pre-cry sound which gives you the answer.

When a newborn is hungry the sucking reflex kicks in, and their tongue and mouth start to move as if they are feeding. When this happens they make a ‘NEH’ sound.

When they have wind in their upper chest, the chest muscles are ‘squeezing’ trying assist the air to come up. The pre-cry sound which this reflex produces is ‘EH’.

Discover the 5 sounds which all newborns make

It’s simple to learn 2 Sessions, 5 Words

In this workshop you will learn the 5 sounds your newborn makes to indicate hunger, tiredness, needing to burp, needing to pass wind and when they are uncomfortable. We’ll show you the reflex which produces the sound in their pre-cry and we’ll look a solutions to meet that need.

Workshop includes:

2 x 1.5hr Sessions, one week apart
Audio of the sounds for you to take home
A certificate and support for one month
Both parents are welcome to attend

Dunstan Baby Language Class

Online workshop: $149

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A floating head of a smiling baby

When babies smile, we all smile.

Using Dunstan Baby Language has been shown:
Babies cry less – as their needs are being met quickly.
To encourage breastfeeding – babies indicate their hunger, and they will attach properly for optimal feeding.
Decrease the incidence of colic – because parents can recognise the ‘wind’ cry.
To establish Secure Attachment – vital for long term well-being.
Increase parental satisfaction – they feel confident in their parenting.


Who can attend?


DBL classes are for parents either in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy or with a baby up to 4 months old.

If parents learn DBL too early in the pregnancy they may not remember the sounds when bubs arrives. After c 4 months, parents are generally in a routine and ‘know’ what the baby needs.

There will be a maximum of 8 families in each class.


For any professionals (eg midwives), gynecologists, lactation consultants, doulas) who wish to add DBL qualifications, as an additional service for their clients, training will be available from October 2021.

To be receive more information re classes when dates are finalised please add your details here. (Details/ email tab to open)

When are classed on?

A reminder will be sent a few days before the class, but please add it to your calendar yourself.

You’ll need a laptop (or iPad / Phone but a larger screen may make it easier), perhaps a pen and paper if you like to take notes, and a comfy chair!

Session one is 1.5hrs and session 2 is 1 hr. These times may vary depending on the number of people in the class and if people have any questions.

Where are classes held?

Classes are online using the Zoom platform. You will need your video and microphone switched on.

It is possible to arrange to do the course individually, online, for an additional fee. Face to face presentations are also available within Australia, with travel and accommodation expenses added to the fee.

What do I need to do once I'm registered for a class?
Classes (of 2 sessions) will be offered in the day time, evening and on weekends to cater for working families and their commitments. Each month 2 – 4 classes will be scheduled.
How is Dunstan Baby Language taught?

The course is presented online (generally) by certified DBL Educator and Australian DBL Trainer, Sonja Preston.

As well as sharing information, there will be video and audio clips, explanations and some demonstrations.

You’ll receive access to the sound clips for your re-viewing.

Is DBL a medical intervention?

No DBL is a communication resource.

We teach parents how to listen to what the baby is ‘saying’ (the reflex) and to also watch any body language clues and then to respond accordingly.

If any concerns are noted by the DBL educator, or verbalised by the parent, they are directed to seek medical advice.

Who invented DBL?
Priscilla Dunstan, an Australian, was at the forefront. She has auditory memory and felt she recognized differences in her infant sons cries – they weren’t all the same. She saw that the same sound was made every time he was hungry, and soon realized that other newborns were making the same sounds. This led to years of studies globally and eventually became known as Dunstan Baby Language (DBL). It received worldwide acclaim when she appeared on Oprah in 2006. DBL is now available globally from our certified DBL Educators.


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