Without DBL Education, the parents attempt to guess what the crying baby wants.

Upset Infant
Stressed Parent

With DBL Education, the parents know what the baby needs and responds appropriately.

Settled Infant
Confident Parent

Why Dunstan Baby Language?

For Professionals

A value add to your business in working with parents of newborns
Can be taught to parents within your current work or as a separate class
Quick and easy to learn
Extends your skill base, enabling you to have more knowledge to share with your clients

For the Parents you work with

Takes the guesswork out of knowing what a baby needs/wants
Leads to a more content baby
The beginning of Secure Attachment is enhanced
Supports feeding on demand
The parents feel they KNOW what their child needs

Feedback from Parents

said DBL was very beneficial
of first time Mothers said it was highly valuable
reported that their babies settle faster
felt more confident in parenting
of Dads said DBL reduced new parent stress

I did the DBL course with Sonja about 6 weeks before our first born little one arrived and I wasn't sure if it would be more useful before or after he arrived. However once we jumped on the birth train and accompanying roller coaster that it has been since and now, it was the right move.

Especially on day zero at the hospital with a serious lack of sleep and high emotions all the guidance and knowledge that Sonja shared with us kicked into gear. I was holding the little ball of noise and was listening to him cry and armed with my DBL knowledge was able to impress the midwife with my assessment of what he needed.

I had no idea what I was doing but DBL and all the surrounding knowledge that Sonja shared with us helped give my wife and I a real head start in understanding our new little man.
Thank you Sonja and our little man is a happier baby for the help you gave us.

Jarryd from Wollongong

What exactly is Dunstan Baby Language?

Babies cry to communicate their needs – are the parents listening?
The Dunstan Baby Language is a communication tool which teaches them to listen and understand.

Our Dunstan Baby Language consists of 3 modules, including:

Introductory Session

Live, online
  • Introduction and personal experiences of early parenting.
  • Tomas’ story
  • What is DBL? What are the Benefits?
  • Timeline & Research
  • DBL on Oprah
  • Attachment Theory
  • Professionals speak (Zarina )
  • Suggested teaching format
  • Parent testimonials
  • Resources to be received.
  • LMS code/ link

Learning & Practise

LMS and Case studies
  • LMS - Online self-directed study,. All resouces supplied including readings, videos, testing. (6-10 hrs of study)
  • On completion you will be given a dropbox link of teaching resources.
  • Use your new knowledge to teach DBL to parents, and complete two Case Studies.

The Wrap

Live, online
  • Feedback on LMS
  • Case studies discussion
  • Tips for parents
  • Learning styles - VAK
  • Q & A
  • Official Certification

Who is Dunstan Baby Language for?

Suitable for anyone working in the field of maternal health, birthing and the care and growth of newborns – including, but not limited to:
Lactation Consultants
Sleep specialists
Infant Feeding Specialists
Speech Therapists
Neonatal Care nurses
Childbirth Educators
Hypnobirthing specialists
Calmbirth Trainers
Infants massage therapist
Early Childhood specialists
Childcare Educators
Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist
Mother Baby Unit/ Tresillian staff
Child Health Nurses

Interested in becoming a Dunstan Baby Language certified educator?

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